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12 Best WordPress Plugins for Blog and Business Websites in 2022

  • TookLooking for the Best WordPress Plugins?
  • Wondering which of all the plugins you should be installing from day one?

These are some of the best WordPress plugins for 2022.

Note: You only need one plugin for specific functions. For example, for caching you can use either WP-Rocket, WP SuperCache or W3 Total Cache. If you have any query, then use the comment box below.

So you’ve just created a new blog and are wondering which are the best WordPress plugins you should install?

If your answer is yes then you are in luck today.

Here I am sharing the list of best plugins for WordPress that you should install from day one.

Plugins, as we all know, extend the capabilities of WordPress.

But with the plethora of plugins available online, the biggest problem is choosing the right WordPress plugins to use for your WordPress website.

You likely have many plugins on your site, but should your WordPress blog? Required Plugins,

Let me take this opportunity to point out a few plugins that will improve the user experience of your site and make WordPress admin tasks easier.

This top wordpress plugins are easy For every blogger and webmaster on the WordPress platform.

Best WordPress Plugins for Every WordPress Blog and Website

Without wasting much time, let’s see best wordpress plugins for your blog.

1. Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

SEO plugin is essential for any WordPress blog to rank high in search engines. It helps you drive free traffic from search engines.

This plugin is a must have For every WordPress blog. I’ve never seen any other free SEO plugin come closer To be as powerful and effective.

do i need to say something else?

With this one plugin, you can cover all your on-site and on-page SEO.

This plugin comes in free and pro versions.

Watch the video below to learn how to set up the plugin:

2. WP-Rocket

Wouldn’t it be great if your site loads very fast?

WordPress is a memory-hogging CMS. To make sure WordPress doesn’t crash your web server, use a cache plugin with powerful servers like Bluehost or Kinsta.

There are many excellent WordPress cache plugins out there, but WP-Rocket tops each one of them for its simplicity and effectiveness. What’s more, it works great on shared hosting too!

Whenever a user browses your blog post, WordPress has to fetch that post from the WordPress database. Now, this process requires a lot of PHP calls and thus puts a lot of pressure on your hosting server.

Think this:

One hundred visitors try to come to your blog. In this case, WordPress runs 100x PHP calls to serve up these web pages to everyone.

When you use the Cache plugin, it creates a static HTML file of the web page and allows WordPress to serve a page from this cache. it significantly reduces server load & allows your pages to be displayed in a matter of seconds.

The plugin is easy to configure and offers features that no other similar plugin provides.

You can download the plugin from the link below and read the detailed review of the WP-Rocket plugin.

3. Jetpack

There is a multi-featured plugin, Jetpack which is power-packed with many features.

This plugin is created by the people behind WordPress and is one of the most well maintained WordPress plugins you will ever encounter.

Here are some of the things you’ll be able to do with the Jetpack WordPress plugin:

  • Add a contact form.
  • Track page views and search queries with powerful analytics.
  • Monitor downtime and get notified when your site is down.
  • Prevent hackers from forcibly taking over your blog’s login page.
  • Provide social sharing buttons to let your readers share your blog posts.
  • Auto-promote your blog post on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus after publishing any blog post.
  • Show related posts to increase engagement and decrease bounce rate.
  • Provide subscription option so that users can subscribe to your blog updates.
  • Create a sitemap. However, I recommend that you use the sitemap feature by Yoast SEO.
  • Back up your blog daily using VaultPress
  • Get a free CDN with Photon.

There are many more things that you will get from Jetpack.

Once you start using Jetpack, you can remove many other plugins from your blog and reduce the number of plugins you use.

Here are some guides and tutorials to learn more about the Jetpack plugin:

4. Akismet

Free your blog from comment spam!

WordPress comment spam is something that You will face from day one.

When you start a WordPress blog, and you find some cheesy lines in the comments, you should not get excited. This is most likely a spam comment. for example:

  • “I love your blog. You have an excellent writing style.”
  • “Your writing style is excellent and I have subscribed to your blog.”
  • “Great! This is very informative!”

Check the URL, and you will realize that it Leads to some spammy affiliate site,

Akismet One official wordpress plugin from self drive To stop spam comments in wordpress.

it is The first plugin you should install On any new blog. Your new blog will have WordPress commenting feature, and if you don’t use this plugin, your blog will get spammed. Spammers just want to Put their links on your articles And don’t want to get involved in the discussion.

This plugin will automatically move comments it considers spam to the Trash Can (permanently deleting them after a time).

this is a must have,

you need to grab a APIthat you can get Creating a free profile on

5. Push Engage

PushEngage is one unique plugin To bring more traffic to your blog. It adds a whole new way for your readers to subscribe to your blog. it connects web push technology, And readers using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers will get a notification to subscribe to your blog updates.

After that, whenever you publish a new blog post, your subscribers will get a push notification alerting them about a new post. You can also send manual push notifications to drive traffic to a specific blog post, landing page or even an advertiser site.

Here is the full tutorial on how to use this plugin.

6. Social Snap

Social bookmarking has become a major ranking factor for SEO.

There is a rule to get more shares By placing your social sharing buttons in prominent places. When readers look at these options at the right time, they more likely To share your article.

social snap is at the top Social media sharing plugin. It lets you add sharing buttons to both your desktop and mobile sites.

It supports all modern platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • wire
  • Pinterest (direct to image)
  • Reddit … and more

7. Contact Form 7

When you search for contact form plugins, you will be bombarded with many options.

there are many premiums (like gravity), but contact form is 7 Easiest plugin to configure.

It’s also useful because it shows things like: referral Source which is very useful to know how your visitor navigated through your site before using the contact form.

a good thing Contact Form 7 It has the ability to customize it as per your needs. The form can be created, and each entry in it will be sent to your email.

you can also make Multiple forms with multiple tables.

Note: If you are using Jetpack plugin, you do not need to use this plugin. You can add a contact form using Jetpack.

8. Wordfence Plugin

There can be no better time to secure your WordPress blog.

There are many security-related WordPress plugins out there, and you can use any of them.

But, WordFence is one of the top security plugins that can ensure that your blog remains safe from hackers.

The features of this plugin are tremendous, but essentially, this plugin makes sure that your blog does not get hacked.

They roll out updates from time to time to deal with the latest hacking and cracking techniques.

9. No Self Pings

I have seen many lists of useful WordPress plugins on the web, and it is surprising that no one has listed the No Self Pings plugin.

This simple plugin saves you a lot of headaches.

When you link to a post on your blog from another post, it sends a pingback. With this plugin, your blog will stop sending pingbacks from the blog itself.

It is a plug and play plugin without any additional configuration.

This is a free plugin for WordPress that lets you Manage all your affiliate links.

You can read all about this plugin here.

easy affiliate links Helps to shorten and mask an odd looking URL. It also helps to redirect readers to your favorite affiliate programs.

This plugin, for affiliate marketers, would be add a lot of value on your site.

Watch the video below to know the benefits of this technique:

11. OptinMonster

can you think of a blog Without it an email list?

Well, there is OptinMonster a great plugin Which helps you to capture email.

This plugin provides many advanced features such as A/B testing, geolocation targeting, conditional pop-ups and even email membership form For mobile sites.

Broken links are dead ends for search engines and suicide for your website’s SEO.

Broken Link Checker is a free plugin that continuously scans your blog for broken links and allows you to fix them with a single click.

This plugin also avoids sending pings to your site when you publish a post with a link to your post.

I have been using this plugin since the inception of ShoutMeLoud and I can confidently say that it is something that every WordPress blog should be using.

I wrote this guide on how to use the Broken Link Checker plugin. Do take a look.

These 12 plugins are not only useful but also one of the top choices for any type of WordPress website.

They will add another layer of functionality and add features to your WordPress blog that Enhance both the user and admin experience.

You should also check out our list of essential WordPress plugins that we use at ShoutMeLoud.

Do you know of any more basic WordPress plugins that every WordPress blog should have? Let us know through comment.

Don’t forget to share this list with others on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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