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8 Actionable Tips to Increase Affiliate Sales in 2022

Who doesn’t want to get more affiliate sales but not everyone has enough knowledge to do so.

However, you no longer need to go out because once you have implemented the techniques and hacks shared in this guide, you should be able to make more affiliate sales as a Pro Affiliate Marketer.

This guide is your go-to resource for any niche to increase affiliate sales and get more money in your bank account. These techniques are time-proven and do not take much time to implement.

Many of you can actually implement in your existing articles and increase your affiliate income overnight.

Why should you listen to me?

And it was not once, I follow the mentioned tricks again and again to increase my income from affiliate marketing.

In fact, with one program alone, I’ve made half a million dollars.

It cannot be done by hit and trial and it requires a mindset as well as the right technique.

I have tried my best in this guide to help you understand the secrets to getting more affiliate sales that you can use.

A lot of marketers will charge you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to help you learn it all, but we’re giving it away for free because the information should always be free.

Now, I hope you understand how I can help you on your money making journey. So let’s learn the techniques to increase affiliate sales without delay.

Note: This article is constantly updated with new tricks. So bookmark and come back later, to see the new and updated technology.

8 Strategies to Get More Affiliate Sales

1. Use the Call to Action button:

Many of us create an article with the goal of making affiliate sales but those affiliate links are difficult to find. One thing you need to understand is that most of your readers scan the article and they click on the one which is prominent.

Using a call to action button can help your readers to clearly identify the action item, and thus you will start getting more CTR and hence conversions.

To add call to action buttons in WordPress there is an in-built feature known as “Buttons”.

And you can add text and links to add buttons. You can also customize the background color to match your design and increase the CTR.

If you are showing coupons and discounts on your blog, then you should be using Affiliate Coupons plugin. It has a feature called Click to Reveal which is used by many top affiliate sites to increase their sales significantly.

2. Use tables:

Using a table is another easy way to get more clicks on your affiliate links. Specifically, if you’re building a list, you can add a prominent table at the top of your article and get more clicks.

Here is an example of a table:

Apart from this, the table also helps the readers to compare the products in a digestible manner. WordPress also has an in-built tables feature that you can use to add tables.

My recommendation is to play around with WordPress’ tables feature and find the design that works best for you. If you are not happy with the default tables feature of WordPress, you can use one of these comparison table WordPress plugins.

If you are promoting Affiliate Products from Amazon, then use this amazing AAWP plugin to increase sales.

3. Use Exit Intent Pop-up Banners:

So, over the past few months I’ve been experimenting with exit-intent pop-ups to increase affiliate sales and here are the results:

And here’s the pop-up I was using:

Notice how this pop-up uses the AIDA framework for attention, interest, desire and action. Plus, social proof is the icing on the cake in the end.

If you are new to the term exit-intent, it basically means that a pop-up is shown when users are about to leave your site by clicking on the close button.

This is something that I started using extensively in 2022 and have seen a great transformation with it.

To use this feature, you need a plugin or tool that provides exit intent pop-ups. I use OptinMonster which has the industry’s best exit-intent technology and is also very accurate. Prices start at $29/month which can be covered with a single sale.

A few tricks to make it work best for you:

  • Apply the AIDA Framework to Design Your Banner
  • Build and test 2/3 variants of banners (Optinmonster has an in-built feature)
  • Use page-level targeting to show banners on the pages that are most likely to convert.

4. Look for New Offers:

A lot of new bloggers usually copy the offers promoted by existing bloggers. It really works but is an untested way to outwit even the smartest bloggers.

Find new offers to promote.

Be the first to introduce New Tools, Deals. Much of this can be achieved by browsing your existing affiliate network dashboard.

For example, if you’re using ShareASale, you can check their “Power Rank” to find new affiliate products to promote. Since, the programs listed here are already selling well (that’s why it’s in Power Rank), it means your existing readers might like it too.

Similarly, most affiliate networks have such a list and exploring them one at a time will help you find amazing affiliate offers.

Well, these were some actionable steps to increase affiliate sales and now it is time to look at some theoretical sides of it. Otherwise, practical alone has never helped many.

5. Create Keyword-list Based on Affiliate Keywords:

When you do keyword research, make sure you focus on informational, transactional and commercial keywords.

Search keywords like this:

  • Best
  • Cheap

  • Alternative
  • Compare

  • improve

  • Proposal

  • Discount

  • promo

  • Coupons

Usually, they are willing to give you more sales.

6. Build Relationship with Affiliate Managers and Ask for Commission Increase:

This is one of the least used most powerful tricks to increase your affiliate income.

Here’s how it works:

Most affiliate programs have a public page where they state how much commission they pay. Now, if you have an established website or YouTube channel or you are already giving 4-5 good sales every month, then you can contact the affiliate manager of the program and ask to increase the commission.

So if the affiliate program offers 20% commission, you can directly ask for 35-40% increment. In return, you can offer more exposure to the product on your platform.

Some additional ideas are:

  • Review
  • social media outcry
  • email blast

Especially if you plan to review the product, this is the best time to ask for a commission increase.

Here’s one such email to give you an idea of ​​how I do it:

So even a 5-10% increase can make a big difference in the long run.

7. Build on Your Reputation:

Your reputation will be one of the most useful tools in your mission to make money online. This is really just common sense. If your audience trusts you and the content you offer them, it will be easier for them to trust the products you’re selling or taking in.

If you don’t want to sell a product yourself, you can take them to other sites, and make money with just the leads. But be careful what it does to your reputation. Always make sure that you are taking your visitors to a reliable site.

I suggest that before promoting any product, definitely check it out and write about it. Write a tutorial or guide on how to use it and how it changed your life, this approach will ensure that people will like your decision and with a blog post or video, you can clear all the common questions.

8. Get More Organic Traffic – Use SEO:

More traffic to your site will mean a better chance of making more sales with your affiliates. It is a rule that if you want to earn money online, you have to target people.

You have to build your site around the idea of ​​attracting your target people. it is done using keywords, good stuff, and such. This will make your site appear in search engines.

Even if you are inexperienced with marketing affiliates, you will find that more traffic will make it easier for you to make money with leads.

I suggest you use WordPress to build your next affiliate site and check out this great list of best WordPress plugins for SEO and optimize your site for better ranking.

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9. Base Your Actions on Conversions:

When marketing to affiliates, you need to continuously upgrade every day, every week, if possible. You have to base these operations on conversion rates.

For example, you have 300 visitors a day and only 3 of them click on your link or product, then you need to change your marketing approach. Think from the perspective of the customer.

Does something on your site prompt them to click on a link or product?

Then separate the thoughts from that. Is there something in your site that they don’t want to buy the product from? Then remove these things and abstain.

These are some basic steps you can follow, but I suggest you do proper research about the product you are promoting. To promote a product, which is a hot topic and people are buying immediately, go for viral promotion.

Can you tell me what strategies you have implemented to increase your affiliate sales? Do you have any other tricks we should know about? Come in the comment section below.

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