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Anno 1404 Download: Anno 1404 otherwise called the Dawn of Discovery is a city building and monetary reproduction game and is essential for the Anno arrangement. The game is a spin-off of Anno 1701 and is trailed by the Anno 2070. Albeit the game depends on the anecdotal occasions there are additionally the components of the Medieval and Renaissance history like the Crusades, Gothic design, church buildings, the exchange including the ascent of shippers and the early types of free enterprise. The game permits the player to control an anonymous country. The player needs to colonize land, plan settlements, set up production lines and ranches, build up discretionary binds with the PC controlled players and participate in maritime and ground battle.

Nonetheless, the principle focal point of the game is city building. The game spotlights on the development of landmarks, houses of God, and the mosques. The development of such designs depends on certain pre-conditions that you need to meet. You additionally need to store building materials to start the structures. The houses of prayer in the game look like near that of a palace or castle that was uprooted in the game Anno 1701. The exchange is a vital element of the game. Your populace can’t develop to pass a specific degree of progress without the sensible measure of flavor and quartz that are just found in the Oriental Lands.

The Occident and Orient are one of the new component presented in this adaptation of the Anno. In this component, the game is isolated into socially particular zones. They are alluded to as North Western Renaissance Europe and the archaic Near East. The oriental products should be delivered and transported from these oriental terrains.


Anno 1404 incorporates Anno 1404 and its extra Anno 1404: Venice.

Anno 1404 and its extra are an honor winning blend of development, economy, disclosure, tact and battle. Raise fantastic cities and build up an admired authentic domain in the Orient and the Venice of the Renaissance. The game additionally offers multiplayer support, permitting you to impart this experience to your companions.

Make your own country with an interesting mix of reenactment and ongoing system as you venture across the globe to investigate, exchange, and learn advances to grow your domain and to make your own set of experiences.

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