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Baba Is You Download: Baba Is You is an honor dominating riddle match where you can change the standards by which you play. In each level, the actual standards are available as squares you can interface with; by controlling them, you can change how the level functions and cause astounding, surprising collaborations! With some straightforward square pushing you can transform yourself into a stone, transform patches of grass into hazardously hot snags, and even change the objective you need to reach to something altogether unique.

The game has more than 200 levels that explore different avenues regarding the game’s mechanics in a large number of ways, requiring the player to comprehend and control the principles of the game and sort out mischievous approaches to make the articles in the game world associate.

The game was initially made for and dominated the Nordic Match Jam 2017. Baba Is You likewise won the Excellence in Design and Best Student Game honors in the Independent Games Festival 2018, and was named a finalist in 2 different classifications, including the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. The game was made utilizing Multimedia Fusion 2 by Clickteam.


The player, as a rule, controls a character known as Baba, yet it very well might be distinctive in certain levels. Each level contains different versatile word tiles, relating to explicit kinds of articles and hindrances on the field, (for example, Baba itself, the objective banner, dividers and ecological risks, and different animals), connecting administrators, for example, “is” “and”, and action word tiles mirroring the properties of these items, (for example, “you”, which causes the item to get constrained by the player, “push” to make them portable, “stop” to make them blocked, “win” to determine the objective, “sink” to cause things to suffocate in it, etc).

The object of each level is for the player to arrive at the objective by controlling these tiles to make or alter “rules” by which they act. For instance, the objective can be changed by moving “is” and “win” squares to another item, and the player can go through articles by eliminating the “stop” characteristic from them. Levels can drive explicit standards by putting their squares in a corner, so they can’t be moved. The game contains more than 200 levels.

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