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Doja Cat Dares to Bare Her Belly Button in Jaw-Dropping Grammys Gown:

Doja Cat didn’t keep down for her first Grammys! The “Say as much” vocalist wowed on honorary pathway with in a stunning outfit Roberto Cavalli outfit, which included quills, cowhide and flaunted a ton of skin. The highest point of the dress — a cream and dark calfskin bike coat decorated with gold zippers and embellishments — included a plunging zipper that exposed the front of her middle right down to her navel. Adding some tone to the look, the fitted cowhide top streamed into a surging skirt of neon green and dark quills.

“I’m very amped up for this since I like something that resembles sort of out there,” she said of the look during the Live from E!: Grammy Awards pre-show. “I have an inclination that I’ve been quite restrained recently, however this resembles something I’ve for a long while been itching to do.” The craftsman said it didn’t take long to pick her outfit for the show. Subsequent to looking at the mixed dress, she realized it was the one for her.

“Several things that I saw and I resembled ‘Possibly not that’ and afterward I saw this and there’s this little detail on the coat that is a feline hook, and I feel like that is…what I need — like this is the thing that I need to be,” she said. She added, “I need to be the feline woman so left me alone that, you know, let me be that.”

Doja’s hair and cosmetics was comparably challenging. Her cosmetics craftsman Ernesto Casillas disclosed to PEOPLE that the two of them needed to accept the restlessness of the dress and push limits with her look.

“At the point when we saw the exquisite custom Cavalli outfit, we altogether totally concurred that the glitz would have an edge to it,” the star said, noticing that he depended on Shiesedo items for the look. “We needed a component of rock and roll, and since it’s the Grammys, it is anything but an opportunity to avoid any and all risks.”

He added, “Doja is an imaginative individual and consistently works together with [Jared Henderson] her hair specialist and I on the look. Her cosmetics was straightforwardly enlivened by the excellent hair that Jay styled for her. I realized I needed it to be very extraordinary and smoky, somewhat messy.”

Henderson trim Doja Cat’s hair into a mullet style, applied the Joico Power Whip Whipped Foam and blow-dried it on medium warmth. When it was totally dried, the genius splashed some Joico Beach Shake Dry Texturizer to add surface and waves. He ran a touch of the Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil through the closures to give her strands “a little sparkle and dampness” before the look was finished.

Doja Cat is assigned for three Grammy Awards this evening, including best new craftsman. Her hit tune “Say as much” is additionally designated for record of the year, and best pop independent execution.

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