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Earn from YouTube in a new way with Super Thanks 🙏🏻

YouTube is a great way to get your message across to the world, and it’s also a great way to make money. Earlier I’ve shared the top ways to make money from YouTube, and expanded this resource with the latest addition to YouTube monetization.

YouTube started Super Thanks to earn more and deepen its connection with its super fans. This facility is available for all eligible channels.

channel requirements

If your channel is eligible, you need to enable this feature manually.

How to Enable YouTube Super Thanks Monetization Feature:

  • Log in to YouTube Studio (
  • Click on Monetization > Click on Super
  • Here you will see the option to enable Super Chat.

Once you enable this feature, your fans will find another way to thank you for making helpful videos. Plus, it adds another way for you to earn money from YouTube videos.

YouTube offers many monetization features, and you should enable all the possible and worthy features that will help you maximize your income from YouTube.

In the past, I’ve used the Ecamm software to stream live from desktop to YouTube, and to stream pre-recorded videos. I have had good success with live streaming videos, where users have used the Super Chat feature to highlight their queries/points. You should try to live stream weekly using a live streaming tool like Ecamm and if you have a thriving community, you might be able to crack live videos for monetization.

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Tell me about your experience using YouTube Supers to monetize your channel? If you know a trick or two about YouTube monetization, do share that too in the comment box below.

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