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Freespace 2 Download: FreeSpace 2 is a 1999 space battle recreation PC game created by Volition as the spin-off of Descent: FreeSpace – The Great War. It was finished early in under a year, and delivered to positive surveys. Nonetheless, the game turned into a business disappointment, and was depicted by specific pundits as one of 1999’s most unreasonably disregarded titles.

The game proceeds on the story from Descent: FreeSpace, indeed pushing the player into the job of a pilot battling against the secretive outsiders, the Shivans. While protecting humankind and its outsider Vasudan partners, the player additionally engages in putting down an insubordination. The game highlights huge quantities of warriors close by tremendous capital boats in a war zone full of shafts, shells and rockets in nitty gritty star frameworks and nebulae. Free multiplayer games were accessible through Parallax Online which additionally positioned players by their insights. A tireless world was likewise accessible as SquadWar for players to battle with one another over regions.

In 2002, Volition delivered the source code for the game motor under a non-business permit. This code turned into the center of the FreeSpace 2 Source Code Project, which ceaselessly improves it and empowers new highlights. In participation with the FreeSpace Upgrade Project the game’s designs are stayed up with the latest. The improved game motor is additionally utilized by different mod tasks, for instance The Babylon Project and Diaspora which depend on the sci-fi arrangement Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica separately.


Another major new expansion are nebulae—these tremendous gas mists conceal you with a spooky, claustrophobic mist. Past noteworthy visuals, the nebulae make a fascinating layer to the ongoing interaction too. They influence transport sensors so foes at long reach will not appear, and at medium reach they will basically be unclear middle blips on the radar. At the point when a contact gets into short proximity, frameworks will break down it typically, and the impact has let mission planners do things like shroud capital boats in a cloud, uncovering them at the last possible second. As the game advances, you’ll wind up flying many missions in these space mists, and the absence of solid sensors, joined with the occasionally touchy prattle of partners makes an amazing feeling of pressure.

The genuine ongoing interaction in FreeSpace 2 is remarkable. With an extensive arrangement of controls, Volition has made a strong showing of ensuring that the orders are still simple to get into. Notwithstanding having a full exhibit of framework control alternatives, every one of the primary controls are natural and in simple reach, and the HUD is totally adaptable. Simultaneously you’ll need to dominate somewhere near portion of a standard console to truly accomplish ideal battle execution. The game controls perfectly with both a mouse or standard joystick, contingent upon what you’re OK with (I’ve aced this game with a remote mouse right away).

Fanatics of the first will see a ton of refreshed forms of the more established weapons and sends, and surprisingly some innovation from the principal game. Everything considered, there are more than seventy boats of different sorts and twenty weapons, including a sharp labeling rocket that permits capital boats to bolt onto your objectives, notwithstanding the typical blast of firearms and rockets. Both united and foe AI is quite noteworthy also. On the harder trouble levels, the game is amazingly difficult, and you’ll see some excellent battle abilities showed by both your own partners and the adversary. You can order partners, however they can hold their own ground.

Freespace 2 is surely extraordinary compared to other space battle games out there, and enthusiasts of the first will adore the upgrades this spin-off offers. Incidentally, it’s as yet hard to suggest this one over the first for novices to the arrangement, since they are so intently integrated. Notwithstanding, the accentuation on story and including missions, joined with incredible visuals, sound, and uncommon control make this a first rate game.

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