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How to Save Money on WebHosting Renewal for WordPress Blogs?

Web hosting is one of the essential investments that every blogger has to make every month to run their self-hosted WordPress blog. Generally, a cheap hosting for WordPress will cost anywhere between $3/month to $15/month depending on your needs. The costs explode when you move to managed WordPress hosting, VPS or a dedicated hosting server.

When a new blogger takes the initial steps to set up a self-hosted blog, he or she is often unaware of the costs involved in web hosting. Often a new blogger can buy web hosting at an unnecessarily high cost (and without a discount).

Even if you manage to get a discounted hosting, hosting renewal costs are exorbitantly high when it comes time to upgrade.

In today’s post, I will share with you some important tips that will help you save money on your web hosting renewal. Some of these ideas may come in handy from day one of your first hosting purchase.

Others can be used when your hosting is about to expire, and you will have to pay for renewal.

How to Save on Hosting Renewal Bills:

Some of you are considering your first purchase of a hosting service, and others are considering renewing your current hosting account. For this reason, I’ll take care to point out the different methods that will fit any scenario and help you save your money whether you’re just starting out or renewing your service.

Please note that this guide is only for shared hosting, but will also work for any other hosting plans you may want, such as managed WordPress hosting, VPS or dedicated.

To buy new hosting:

If you are about to buy a hosting package for your blog, then this is the right time to save money for the long term. Usually, when you buy hosting from any hosting company, you can easily get discount coupons. We also have a dedicated section for sharing discounts on popular hosting companies.

One mistake that most beginners make is that they only buy hosting for one year, and then have to pay in full for their hosting renewal the next year.

There are rarely any discount coupons available for hosting renewals, so opting to purchase the service for more than a year at the time of your original purchase will save you money in the long run.

So – when you make the first purchase, you have the option to buy hosting for more than a year.

It is a good idea to buy your hosting from a reliable company and buy packages for two or three years. I bought hosting from Bluehost for three years at $3.95/month, and it saved me a lot of money in the long run.

Let me do a quick calculation for Bluehost hosting here:

  • If I purchase with the discounted link for one year and pay in full for the next two years of renewal: $4.95 * 12 + $166.8 = $226.2
  • Now, let’s consider the cost if I buy hosting from Bluehost with discounted links for three years: $3.95 * 36 = $142.2

That’s a straight $84 savings, which is quite a lot when you buy 2-3 hosting packages for multiple websites.

Now let’s look at SiteGround hosting, specifically, their “growbig plan, Siteground offers a maximum discount of up to 70% on your first bill using this special link, and no discount on re-renewal.

  • Hosting purchased for one year with discount + two years renewal payment without any discount: $95.4 + $358.8 = $454.2
  • Hosting purchased for three years with a discount: $286.2

So, this is one way to save money by buying your web hosting for a longer period, thus getting a better hosting discount. One problem with this approach is that you end up sticking with a single hosting for a long time. I usually use this technique for my small niche websites.

Moving your hosting service to save money on web hosting:

This is another technique you can use every time you upgrade. This technique will allow you to save money on your hosting renewal bill. From my experience, SiteGround and Bluehost offer almost the same quality, so it doesn’t matter which company you choose as your hosting service.

When your hosting period is about to expire, you can sign up for a hosting package from an alternative hosting company, and transfer your sites. A great downside to this transition is that some companies like WPXHosting offer a free migration, so you don’t even have to worry about technical hassles.

Moving a WordPress site is not very difficult, and you can check out this guide on how to move a WordPress site to a new host.

That way you’ll save a good $20-$40 every year. This approach is preferred by those who are technically savvy and don’t mind changing hosting companies, but I suggest the former method for users who are less technically oriented.

Ask your hosting company for a discount:

This method will work with almost every hosting company. Customer retention is a top priority for any hosting company, and you can ask your hosting sales team for a discount on your renewal when your hosting period is about to expire.

You can just say:

“I’m getting a nice discount on (the name of the competition for hosting service), and I want to save some money. Upgrading with you will cost me $120, but if I move my website to X Hosting , so I’ll save at least $50. I was hoping I could get a discount on the renewal, because I’d love to be with you, and also I want to value my hard earned money.”

This may or may not work depending on the policy of a hosting company. But, if you ask correctly, you can get a good discount. Otherwise, you can always fall back to method #2!

Most people overlook such small savings for their comfort level, but remember, “money saved is money earned,

Do you have any additional tips to share that are helpful for the purpose of saving money on web hosting bills?

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