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Saya No Uta Download: Saya no Uta (沙耶の唄, Song of Saya) is dynamic novel/experience game created and distributed by Nitroplus for the PC in Japan with North American distributing by JAST USA. Initially delivered on December 26, 2003, it built up a religion finishing in North America fan interpretations of the game which in the end finished in an authority English language discharge on May 6, 2013.


Fuminori Sakisaka is a youthful clinical understudy whose life changes when he is engaged with an auto collision alongside his folks, slaughtering them and injuring him. He wakes from an overstated type of agnosia that makes him consider the to be as canvassed in carnage and individuals as ghastly beasts. As he considers self destruction in the emergency clinic, he meets Saya, who he sees as an excellent little youngster, yet is actually an awful beast from another measurement whose appearance makes individuals distraught. Because of their conditions, the two become close and move in together, turning out to be darlings and unbelievably subject to each other.

Fuminori’s chilly mentality toward his companions (whom he additionally sees as ghastly beasts) stresses them. After Yoh, who really likes Fuminori, endeavors to admit her sentiments, her companion Omi goes to defy Fuminori—and quickly becomes nourishment for Saya. It is with this occurrence that Fuminori unwittingly tastes human substance, thinking that its tasty because of his twisted faculties. As Koji explores Fuminori’s peculiar activities, Saya visits Fuminori’s neighbor, Yosuke, and changes his cerebrum into equivalent to Fuminori’s as an investigation. Yosuke, made crazy, slaughters his family and attacks Saya prior to being executed by Fuminori.


Decay. Rot. A no man’s land of bent, beating substance. Sakisaka Fuminori endures a horrendous mishap just to end up caught in a bad dream with no way out. His companions offer him solace and backing, yet their glow can’t arrive at his frozen soul. At that point he meets a baffling young lady named Saya, and gradually, his franticness starts to taint the world.

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