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Silent Hill 3 Download: Silent Hill 3 is created and distributed by Konami Computer for Microsoft Windows. It was delivered on 23rd May 2003. It is the third game in the renowned arrangement.

Silent Hill 3 game is set in the anecdotal space of Silent Hill game arrangement. The principle hero is Heather. She is a little youngster embraced by Harry. What’s more, the fundamental adversary in this game is Claudia Wolf. She is a clique’s Priestess who is wanting to make a heaven on earth. The game beginnings significantly and Heather awakens in a shopping center and soon she is gone up against by Douglas who asserts that he thinks about her introduction to the world. From here the story starts with a lot of turns and winds.

The game play of Silent Hill 3 has acquired numerous things from its archetypes. There are three principle playing destinations in this game which incorporate battle, puzzle addressing and investigation. The battle and investigation is made in third individual viewpoint and you can gather weapons all through the level. You can choose the trouble level without help from anyone else. There are numerous weapons and outfits which are bolted. You can open these things by finishing the targets and missions. The realistic subtleties have been made more sensible. Out and out this game is an energizing ghastliness game and it will most likely give you chills.


Silent Hill 3 is an endurance awfulness computer game in which the player assumes responsibility for Heather, a young person who stirs from a bad dream in a shopping center and attempts to get back to her dad, while exploring conditions that sway among the real world and the Otherworld, a more crimson, extraordinary form of it. Ongoing interaction in Silent Hill 3 takes after intently that of its two archetypes, with interactivity set as an outsider looking in see and split between components of battle, investigation, and puzzle-addressing.

The trouble of both the battle and puzzle components of the game can be set independently. On account of the riddle challenges, there is an impressive contrast between the “medium” trouble level and the “hard” trouble level; one of the riddles on the “medium” level requires just basic example acknowledgment, while the “hard” trouble level rendition of a similar riddle requires information on Shakespearean plays to finish.

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