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Spelunky Download: Spelunky is a 2008 source-accessible 2D stage game made by autonomous engineer Derek Yu and delivered as freeware for Microsoft Windows. It was changed for the Xbox 360 out of 2012, with ports of the new form following for different stages, including back to Microsoft Windows. The player controls a spelunker who investigates a progression of caverns while gathering treasure, saving ladies, battling foes, and evading traps. The caverns are procedurally created, making each go through of the game novel.

The main public delivery was on December 21, 2008. The source code of the Windows form was delivered on December 25, 2009. An upgraded variant for Xbox Live Arcade was delivered on July 4, 2012. The upgraded form was subsequently delivered for Windows and PlayStation 3 in August 2013, and for PlayStation 4 on October 7, 2014. The revamp was likewise made accessible on Xbox One by means of in reverse similarity in December 2015. A Chrome OS variant of the first game was made also, named Spelunky HTML5. A port for Nintendo Switch is planned to deliver on August 26, 2021. A spin-off, Spelunky 2, was delivered in September 2020.

Spelunky was one of the main games to get ideas from roguelikes and consolidate them with ongoing side-looking over platformer components. Because of its notoriety, it was the impact for some later roguelike games. Spelunky got basic approval for its ongoing interaction, environment and plan, however a few controls and multiplayer components energized pundits. Numerous pundits and distributions viewed it as one of the best computer games ever.


The player controls an anonymous globe-trotter, known as the spelunker. The point of the game is to investigate burrows, gathering however much fortune as could be expected while staying away from traps and adversaries. The spelunker can whip or bounce on adversaries to overcome them, get things that can be thrown to either assault foes or put out off snares, and utilize a restricted inventory of bombs and ropes to explore the caverns. Levels are haphazardly produced and gathered into four progressively troublesome “regions”, each with a particular arrangement of things, adversaries, territory types and extraordinary highlights. Later regions contain more important fortunes, secret areas, and things. On the off chance that the player loses their entire existence or runs into a moment kill trap, they should begin all along.

Foes incorporate creatures like bats, snakes and insects of shifting sizes, different characters, and beasts like sasquatch, man-eating plants and phantoms. The player can gather numerous things, basically gold and gems which add to the player’s score, yet in addition valuable articles including bombs, firearms, climbing gear and archeological curios. A portion of the last have otherworldly capacities, including kapalas, hedjets, precious stone skulls and brilliant ankhs, however a considerable lot of these extraordinary things must be acquired through secret strategies, such as consolidating different things together. A few things might be bought or taken from shops dissipated about the caverns, however the retailers become amazing adversaries in the event that you take from them.

The player can likewise experience maidens in trouble caught in the caverns, who can be gotten and conveyed to an exit. Effectively doing as such returns wellbeing to the player. It’s feasible to open the maid as a playable person; interactivity is indistinguishable, then again, actually the player experiences spelunkers to save. Another unlockable person is the “Passage Man”, who has a mattock rather than a whip.

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