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The Guy Game Pc Download: The Guy Game is a grown-up computer game created by Topheavy Studios and distributed by Gathering of Developers, delivered for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, and Xbox in 2004. Introduced in a random data gameshow style supporting up to four players, it comprises of around 1,000 inquiries spread out more than 20 scenes. A significant part of the game includes observing surprisingly realistic video film of young ladies in swimming outfits, and as the player prevails in the game the ladies ultimately uncover their bosoms. The game collected a lot of discussion and was the subject of a claim.


After each question there is video film—shot during spring break celebrations on South Padre Island—of host Matt Sadler giving similar inquiry to youthful females in swimsuits (alluded to as “cuties”). On the off chance that they answer inaccurately, they are needed to show their bosoms. Before they offer their responses, the recording is stopped and the player is approached to figure if the cuties addressed effectively. In the “TitWitz” parts of the game, the player is informed that they weren’t right, and requested to think about what’s up answer they gave.

The more occasions the player can accurately anticipate the result, the higher the “Streak O-Meter” rises, and the more uncovered the bosoms become. From the start, the bosoms are clouded by a Guy Game logo (“Soft and Squishy” level), at that point just carefully obscured (“Sorta Chubby” level), lastly completely uncensored (“Super Stiff” level, maximized meter). When the player arrives at the uncensored level, the scene can be played again with no visual oversight. As the game advances, the players are positioned as President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Asshole.

Additionally included are the “Ballz” minigames which can give players additional focuses during a scene. Before the game, every player picks a female symbol (called team promoters) to address them. In view of how frequently the player effectively surmises the result of each cutie’s reaction, the more garments the team promoter eliminates. Toward the finish of the scene, a short video montage is appeared of the team promoter having a place with the player who arrived at the position of President. Numerous different guidelines can be empowered, generally enlivened by drinking games.


Regardless of whether you play alone or with companions, you’ll likewise be playing in the organization a few lighthearted element voiceovers that give discourse, just as many co-eds out for spring break, who are glad to drop their tops off should they lose the inquiries. Their mischievous pieces are darkened by “Guy Game” logos, however relying upon how much reward score you get, you can eliminate the editing from the clasps and open them for uhm further examination.

A FMV-based question and answer contest, The Guy Game pits you and up to three different parts in a progression of rounds in which you should address numerous decision random data inquiries for top scores. You get extra focuses by sorting out if the young ladies will answer right or wrong, what they answer, and furthermore by wagering on the result of smaller than normal games where the young ladies contend in races, and grouped sea shore exercises.

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